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Derek Ridgers / Archive

Renowned pop culture photographer Derek Ridgers has spent over four decades capturing the explosion of subcultures and style tribes from the 1970s to the present. He is best known for capturing the rise of early skinheads and Punk and the seismic scenes that existed in dark underground subcultures from clubs such as the Blitz, Hell and Taboo.

Derek Ridgers / Archive

Derek Ridgers (b. London, 1950) is one of London’s most influential club and street photographers, starting in the seventies with his documentation of the rise of the Blitz Kids, the New Romantics, Hell and Taboo in London. Ridgers originally trained as a graphic designer and worked in advertising for over a decade before taking up photography after testing a client’s camera product. Following a change in career Ridgers began working for the iconic British magazine The Face and the music weekly NME (New Music Express). 

Ridgers documented the British style and music scene as the Punk rock era began to develop in the late 1970s. A founder of the straight-up style of photography, his observational approach to photographing London’s Youth enabled him to capture skinheads, punks, ravers, goth’s and fetishists as well as every hybrid style that has developed from these various subcultures.

A limited edition of Derek Ridgers archive images are available via Derek Ridgers Editions, which present a series of iconic prints for collectors and photography followers. The aim is to celebrate the Ridgers archive, and preserve the heritage of his iconic contribution to photography, music and fashion cultures which retain a legacy worldwide.

Unravel Productions represents the Derek Ridgers archive on a special project basis.

Derek Ridgers has published numerous books on his extensive subculture archive, some of which now have a cult status.


  • Photographs / Carpet Bombing Culture / 2018

  • In The Eighties - Portraits from Another Time / Carpet Bombing Culture / 2017

  • Punk London 1977 / Carpet Bombing Culture / 2016

  • The Dark Carnival - Portraits from The Endless Night / Carpet Bombing Culture / 2015

  • The Others / Idea Books/ 2015

  • Skinheads: 1979-1984 / Omnibus Press/ 2014

  • 78-87 London Youth / Damiani/ 2014

  • Stare: Portraits from the Endless Night / Goliath/ 2007

  • When We Were Young: Club & Street Portraits 1978 - 1987 / Photoworks/ 2004

Solo shows:

  • Derek Ridgers x Art BLock, Truman Brewery, London / 2018

  • FORTY YEARS OF PUNK, Paul Smith, London / 2016

  • Derek Ridgers – London Youth – Galerie Koll & Friends, Berlin / 2015

  • All Or Nothing – G511ERY gallery, London (2013), and Ketchum Pleon, London / 2014

  • Afternoon at the Seven Palms and Other Stories – The Society Club, London / 2013

  • Unseen – The Society Club gallery, London / 2012

  • The Endless Night: 35 Years of Nightclub Portraits – The Museum of Club Culture, Hull / 2012

  • Every Bodies Enemies (with printer Danny Flynn) – Ketchum Pleon, London / 2010

  • One Man Show – City Centre Art Gallery, Dublin / 1990

  • The Kiss – Photographers' Gallery, London / 1982

  • Skinheads – Chenil Studio Gallery / 1980

  • Punk Portraits – ICA, London / 1978

Group Exhibitions:

Can be viewed here.

Vortex Club 1977

Hounslow 1980

Gossips 1978

Kings Road 1983

Soho 1982


Kings Road, 1983

Kings Road, 1983

Brixton 1983


Leicester Square 1981

Carnaby Street 1982

Kings Road, 1982

Kings Road, 1982

Kings Road 1983

Chelsea 1982

Hastings 1981


Kings Road 1984


Lisa / Soho 1984

Lisa / Soho 1984

Soho 1987

Tuinol Barry

Tuinol Barry

Reading 1988



Astoria 1988

Reading 1992

“Ridgers is the foremost visual documenter of London’s style culture from the early 1970s until the present day”
— Sean O’Hagan / The Guardian