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'This too is Ibiza' x Derek Ridgers

A small selection of images from Derek Ridgers archive taken in 1984 in Ibiza featured as part of the exhibition ‘Esto También Es Ibiza’ (This Too Is Ibiza) in Washington DC.

A photography and video-based exhibition that offers the viewer a slice of life of Ibiza’s famed sunsets, natural landscapes, hippy style, Balearic music, and club culture as shaped through the vision of curator, DJ and music historian Adrian Loving.

Along with fellow guest contributors including photographers Oriol Maspons and Violetta Markelou, Loving creates an audio/visual narrative that creates an authentic, personal viewpoint of Ibiza’s music culture. Legendary DJ Louie Vega, dancer Dwaine Byrd and DJ Heather Femia share oral histories and perspectives on performing there while highlighting Ibiza’s music history and club culture through video installations and soundscapes. Documentary and landscape photographs showcase Ibiza’s natural wonders, indigenous people and cultural spirit.

  • Grand Opening: Friday, November 8, 5:30-8:30 pm, Featuring DJ Heather Femia.

    Afterparty at El Techo, 606 Florida Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 8 pm to close

  • On until 26th November 2019 @ IDB Staff Association, Art Gallery, 1300 New York Ave, NW. Washington DC, USA