ARCHIVE -  Matty Bovan © Peter Paul Hartnett

ARCHIVE - Matty Bovan © Peter Paul Hartnett

ARCHIVE  - Trojan Name © Peter Paul Hartnett

ARCHIVE - Trojan Name © Peter Paul Hartnett

POLAROID ARCHIVE ©  Peter Paul Hartnett, view Polaroid Collection   here

POLAROID ARCHIVE © Peter Paul Hartnett, view Polaroid Collection here

Peter Paul Hartnett

Photographer - Writer

1976  >  NOW

Irish photographer and writer Peter Paul Hartnett took his first nightclub photograph of punk icon Soo Catwoman at Bang Disco, London, in October 1976 and continues to document London’s diverse street and club culture to the present day.

Hartnett’s eye is inspired by ‘...those who are fiercely driven and those who transform the cultural landscape, often taking unexpected, defiant forms. From Leigh Bowery's muse and greatest work of art, Trojan, to designer MattyBovan, I'm interested in style that challenges, style with substance.'

'Within my photographic practice, I'm often drawn towards forms of attractiveness that strike as strange, unique, or deviant, representation which falls outside of the confined parameters of normative beauty.'

King Adz, Joe Corré's The Daily Terrorsays of Hartnett’s work:

‘Peter Paul Hartnett has been documenting the extremes of youth culture, with a sharp focus upon menswear, since his first club snap back in 1976. 

Despite having worked within the constraints of a street and club situation since the late 70s, Hartnett's thousands of unique images are razor -sharp, composed almost clinically. He has always made it a priority to get in close to a subject, documenting the essential details with care.

From London's New Romantics, Goths and Fashion Week fashionistas to Tokyo's Harajuku Kids, New York's electroclash scene and the indie rock scene exploding Paris, Hartnett's impressive archive of photographic work is characterised by a poetic appreciation of imperfection, personality and eccentricity.’

Hartnett's photographic work has been internationally published in a wide range of books produced by Laurence King, Harper Collins plus Thames & Hudson, amongst others. 

Editorial work has featured within publications such as i-DDazed & ConfusedBritish ElleBritish VogueVogue (Paris)Vogue (Brasil)Vogue DailyVogue HommesVision (China),, V-ManInterviewXLR8RQUncutNMEGQEsquireThe World of InteriorsGraziaTêtu, FusedTime Out (London)MetroHuffington PostPetrieJocks & NerdsThe New York TimesThe Observer MagazineThe IndependentThe Independent MagazineThe Telegraph MagazineThe Sunday Times MagazineW Magazine and Welt, amongst many others.

Hartnett’s innate understanding of subcultures has led to fashion forecasting and mentoring, including WGSN reports in six categories over a number of years, with television broadcast ranging from MTV, VH1, RTL and BBC to Channel 4, Euronews and Discovery / TLC, as part of the panel within seven internationally-broadcast episodes of Ultimate Shopper.

Hartnett’s extensive street style archive is held at

An edit of Hartnett’s Polaroid collection can be viewed here.

Unravel Productions represents Hartnett’s archive on a special project basis only.

Peter Paul Hartnett has amassed an archive that charts the evolution of club culture and street style, from those explosive first days of punk, to the camped-up glamour of New Romanticism, to skinheads, b-boys, gender benders, ravers and cyber punks, through to today’s current crop of glamour club kids and recycled punk libertines.

Hartnett’s photographs are often an acerbic visual account of fashion’s ego.
— Joanna Schlenzka Dazed & Confused