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Peter Paul Hartnett

Polaroid collection:

For four decades the Irish subculture photographer Peter Paul Hartnett was sponsored by Polaroid for his club-kids portraiture, all signed by the subjects.

This enabled Hartnett to amass an unique archive, taken at iconic defunct clubs such as Taboo.

Below is a small collection from this extensive archive.

Unravel Productions represents Hartnett’s archive on a special project basis only.

From punks, Goths and New Romantics to ecstasy-driven ravers, the photographer Peter Paul Hartnett has spent decades documenting midnight’s children and their club culture. From punk venues like the Roxy and Vortex to New Romantic haunts such as Billy’s, Blitz and Club For Heroes, he documented faces adorned with make-up, masks and piercings, faces desperate to be seen if only with a Polaroid in the style press. Hartnett’s pictures have an appeal that extends beyond the marginal.
— Sheryl Garratt Night Fever, The Independent Magazine